Kolab Systems: Public Repositories - Terms of Use

The following conditions apply to these public repositories for the Kolab Groupware Solution:

  1. These repositories are maintained by the community.
  2. Use of these repositories is at your own risk.
  3. These repositories always hold only the latest versions of packages by default.
  4. Packages do not come with warranties or support of any kind. Commercial support is available through Kolab Systems and its partners on request.
  5. Security updates will often be provided with priority through the supported, private repositories before being made available here.
  6. The private, supported repositories may also contain versions that will never be made available here.

Support for the Kolab Groupware Solution is available through Kolab Systems and its partners. You may make your enquiry for Sales or a Partner in your area through sales@kolabsys.com or this web site.